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A Nutritional View

Zinc is one of the most important trace minerals in human nutrition. Zinc deficiency can be due to inadequate intake of the mineral or to problems with absorption especially in people with grastrointestinal disorders.


ZINCNOVA™ is a non-reactive form of zinc oxide that has been microencapsulated in a food grade fat carrier to prevent moisture uptake and to delay undesirable interactions with other components of food formulations, thus preserving its bioavailability.

Zinc an Important Nutrient

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Zinc is the most ubiquitous of all trace elements and is part in major biochemical pathways

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Normal function of the inmune system

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Maintenance of normal bones

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Normal cognitive function

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Normal vision

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Competitive Advantages

Controlled interactions

No grainy texture

Reduced metallic taste

Effective release in the stomach

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The Solution



Dietary supplements, dairy products, cereals, nutritional bars, confectionery and cold lozenges.

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